Monday, 1 May 2017

It's the Little Things that Make Life Great by Tracey Campbell

Hello wonderful people thanks for stopping by, I am sharing a layout that I created one evening late at night. So some of the photos are a bit light poor and I apologise in advance for that... but when the Colour Blast Inspiration strikes I just have to take advantage of any spare time I have. For this layout I will show you how to create a simple background using the Colour Shimmer Sprays, the Colour Sprays and just a touch of some Colour Paste.

 I wanted to create a fun feminine layout to go along with the photo of my daughters and nieces. To begin with I picked a pretty plain pattern paper and used some Stormy Weather Colour Shimmer Spray and a fat paint brush to paint a messy circle over the paper.  

 As you can see I started with a little bit at a time and built upon the circle until I had just how I wanted it. When using the Colour Blast Shimmer Spray as a paint straight onto pattern paper please remember that a lot goes a long way. Take your time and do not drench your paper as it will buckle when drying. Tip - I usually do one layer at a time and let dry until I have the effect I am after. 

After the painted Stormy Weather Colour Shimmer Spray circle was dry I twisted the top of the Violet Colour Spray and used the straw inside as a brush/pen to draw some messy finer circles over the top of the Stormy Weather Colour Shimmer Spray circle.

 I then added some splatters of the Violet Colour Spray by flicking the straw towards the paper.

 When the Violet Colour Spray was dry I used a small butterfly stencil with some Envy Colour Shimmer Spray to add some finer details to the background. Tip - When using a small stencil cover up the rest of your page with scraps of paper before spraying - this will help to limit the spray to the areas where you want it.

This is how the background turned out  - I just love how the Colour Shimmer Sprays reflect the light and add interest to the page.

Now I wanted to add a bit of fine texture to the page so I looped up some sewing thread and laid it over the circles on the background.

Over the top of it all I placed down a floral reef that I fussy cut out of some patterned paper, I used some 3D foam tape to make parts of it stand off the background.

At this stage I thought that the background needed a bit of extra colour to draw the eye back to it so I added a few tiny butterflies. To do this I simply spread some Rose Petal Colour Paste through the butterfly stencil. I was a bit fussy picking which butterflies from the stencil, which made the Colour Paste the perfect medium for this job as it is thick and goes just where you want it to.

Here you can see that the Colour Paste butterflies were added to the layout in a few places.

Colour Paste is perfect for layering over the top of other mediums such as the Colour Shimmer Sprays.

I finished of the layout with some paper mating the photo, some fussy cut butterflies adhered randomly as embellishments and cut-a-part title.

The fun with using the Colour Blast Products is that you can create your own individual unique backgrounds that set your photos up. The backgrounds may sometimes be very subtle like in my layout however they create interest and movement in the page and help to tell the story of your memory keeping. As the title in my layout says - it is the little things in life that make life great!!

Thanks for stopping buy. I hope that I have inspired you to grab out your Colour Blast products and start creating a background.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Escape by Rachel Dutko

Hello everyone! 
Rachel here with you today with a fun holiday layout.

I started by adding some Black Heavy Gesso to a piece of white 12x12 cardstock. Once that was dry I applied Deep Water, Sunshine and Lipstick Colour Pastes in varying thicknesses for some texture.

Because the pastes were quite thick in some places 
I left the page to completely dry naturally.

I came back to it a few days later, added some stamping then trimmed 
the whole page in to random-sized strips.


I then painted the edge of each of the strips with  
White Heavy Gesso for some definition.

Next, I layered the strips onto a piece of 
black cardstock in a cross shape.

The next step was to add some splatters, with watered-down White Heavy Gesso,  
Deep Water Colour Shimmer Spray and Saffron Colour Spray.

Now to some embossing!  I heat embossed the chevrons with Deep Water and Rose Petal Colour Embossing Powders.

I applied White Heavy Gesso to the chipboard words and large chevrons. I then applied water-activated  Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust, and then sprayed with  
Singin' The Blues Colour Shimmer Spray.

So here's a look at the finished page. I added some 'clean' left over strips around the photo with foam tape to add more dimension and to highlight the photo. 

A few close ups-

Thanks for looking

Rachel xx

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Though she be but little... by Ree Peace

Hey Guys!!
I have been making the most of school holidays and new about a fun mess!

In true Ree style, I gathered my goodies and this time these were based on the colours in my daughter's dress; Apple of my Eye, Sunshine, Paris and Rose Petal worked together perfectly!

I used a mix of Shimmer Spray, Shimmer Dust and Colour Paste =)

Using Stazon, I stamped randomly over some heavy weight cardstock...

Then using Colour Shimmer Spray in Rose Petal I misted and 'ran' the excess up, down and across the page...finishing with some splatters.

Next, I prepped some 
Paris Colour Shimmer Dust with some water in my paint palette.
A little goes a long way!

This was used for extra splatterings by dipping and tapping a dry paintbrush.

Look at that shine!
And at this yumminess!!!

Using Sunshine and Apple of my Eye Colour Pastes through two different stencils I gained texture and depth on the background.

With the addition of enamel dots and stars the background was complete (this is where covering up such cool work can be hard!)

My finished LO is loved by my daughter... she is seriously cute in this pic taken many moons ago!

I hope you have found some inspiration and feel compelled to get messy!
Stay safe, Ree =)

Friday, 28 April 2017

"Enjoy" by Melissa Struhs

Hello Again Everyone!
I often wonder if I didn't have a creative job, would I still scrap as much as I do? Then, I think of how much my style has changed over the last 18 months of Colour Blast fun on the Design Team. Not sure if I remember what I used before these products were available to be honest.

The use of Colour Blast products on these very feminine style papers really transformed them.

I began with a mini brick template

and roughly smeared Steel  and Dusty Charcoal Colour Paste together to create a variegated look on my non stick craft sheet with a palette knife.

With small stencils, I like to throw down a few pieces of washi tape to help with the stability while I smooth the paste over.

The two colours are the lightest and darkest variations of greys in the range and the combination is really lovely and the texture of the bleeding effect is actually a slight grungy effect (but still tidy enough that neat scrapbookers will be happy!)

The brick look drifts across 2 layers of papers quite well, though my oversized enlargement covers some of it also.

While the paste was still wet, I popped a scrap of paper in the general position of where the photo would eventually be and flicked Stormy Weather Colour Shimmer Spray near the brick stencilling and in the top left corner where an embellishment cluster would be positioned.

To play up a grungy, industrial look I collected a variety of chipboard and wood veneer light bulbs

and a wood veneer title and painted them with Black Heavy Gesso to create a chalkboard finish. Usually chipboard needs 1 coat and wood veneer needs 2 to achieve a uniform look.

A few metal cogs heated and then plunged into a pot of Steel  and Just Blue Colour Embossing Powder, eliminates needing any ink at all. I love that it saves having to search through all of your colours and then having to juggle one more item in this process.

Here is the before and after of a cog dipped in the Steel adds a thick glossy layer.

In this image, you can see close up's of the cog given a Just Blue finish teamed with the other elements.

I decided to tidy up any stencil bleeding with a row of backstitching to define the line of bricks and stamped my son's initial's to create a graffiti tag on the wall.

and the final cluster is worked around the chalked title.

With the weekend ahead, I am planning a huge few days of scrapping in complete silence until all of my favourite people arrive on Monday for a girl's scrap day! And Amanda Hartmann, if you are reading this....remember to keep your Lollipop Colour Spray to your side of the table and off my layout please!

Happy Creating!