Monday, 23 October 2017

"When life's crazy..." by Malinda Gardner

Hi all, Mal here with a very different page to share with you this week...different because there's no photo and that's something very different for me.

What do you think?

The page started as a traditional page that was going to have a photo but all of a sudden it changed into a page with no photo. I think it was because of the background...I didn't want to hide it with a photo I wanted it to be a big part of the page; a focal point.

First up some swipes of Sunshine Colour Paste and then a spray of Singin the blues Colour Shimmer Spray over a mask


Next I decided I wanted to use my Shimmer Dusts in some way so I decided to scribble over my page and then colour in some parts with different colours.

I used Colour Shimmer Dusts in Paris, Amber, and Lollipop .

Something you may not know about the Shimmer Dusts is that you can use them in a few ways and get different shades of the same colour.
So if you add them to your messy mat or palette and then add water you get a certain colour like the red here below or you can use a water brush which is wet and then pick up some of the dust and then you get a truer colour to what's in the pot like the maroon colour on the left below.

That's pretty cool hey.

Lastly I sprayed a raw chipboard tree (no gesso needed) with the Colour Shimmer Spray in Singin the Blues again.

I don't use gesso as I like the spray to seep into the chipboard and I also like the unevenness of the spray on the chipboard

Finally some embellishments and some doodling and I feel it's done.

Feels good to do something different...

Happy Mal

Sunday, 22 October 2017

"Hibiscus Floral" by Melissa Struhs

Happy Sunday Colour Blast Fans! I hope you have all had a chance to enjoy some creative time this weekend, that is my plan too! Here's what I managed to create late last week. If you are anything like me, you have purchased some great supplies and are guilty of not using them yet. I have had a few sets of stamps sitting in a basket just waiting for me to play. I didn't really plan to make this into a project like a card or layout, rather just as a stand alone piece to frame.

I began by placing the cling stamp in my stamping platform

and then cut a panel of watercolour paper and attached it securely with two magnets.

Black Staz on Ink was used to stamp the image clearly, making sure that all of the gorgeous details were perfect.

I was looking for a few simple products that I could add some hand coloured elements to the floral accents. And the Colour Shimmer Cubes were the ideal products as they create so much detail with relative ease.

I chose 3 colours that fell in the green tones....Apple of my EyeEnvy and Deep Water Colour Shimmer Cubes. These are really colours that I gravitate to in most of my scrapbooking and to be honest, it was a nice way to spend a rainy Sunday just planning on painting and colouring in with my favourite colours.

I used my water pen with the finest tip and activated my Shimmer Cubes with several sprays of water, dipping the brush in and beginning with the middle of the floral pattern and painting outwards. This technique gives the illusion of darker centres and lighter tips.

You can drag more colour out to the edges if needed. By no means am I an experienced colourist...I don't have a great grasp on blending and really just love the relaxed vibe that it provides to sit and paint intricate designs.

 Who knew that colouring in the lines would be something we could use later in our creative lives. But sometimes, some splashes can break a very neat and tidy look and add more interest.
Of course, with so much shimmery mica in the cubes I became a little too much of a solid look as it dried. 

What I truly needed was another tone of colour and the Colour Shimmer Dusts could be used in the same way, with the equipment that were already in use....

Paris, Lush and Peacock Colour Shimmer Dusts were chosen to add another layer to the centre of the floral images. By mixing a tiny amount of the dust to some water, it was painted directly over the top of the Colour Shimmer Cube colours.

Apple of my Eye and Paris were was Deep Water and Peacock,

and finally Envy and Lush as well. 

While the Shimmer Dust colour were already made, a few more flicks of colour were added in the same spots as their corresponding colours.

The darker elements create so much more dimension and texture to the image.

I am a huge believer  in the end of the day, it is a piece of watercolour paper. If it doesn't turn out, try it again! You may have noticed in an earlier photo, that I had stamped a second image....just in case! 

Perhaps this weekend, you could dig out some stamps and create some unique and hand coloured embellishments for your next project.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Beautiful with Melinda Sweetman

Hey, hey scrappy friends!! It's Melinda here with you today sharing not only my latest DT make but also my take on the awesome October challenge!

Here's a bit of a sneaky peek and a little secret, this page is NOTHING like what I thought I was going to make!! But I love it!

So, if you have missed it here is the October challenge....TRIANGLES! I don't know why but I just LOVE triangles so was very excited when I saw this challenge this month!

However, that is enough chatter and here are my step-by-steps

I chose a cut file and cut that on my cameo and then I chose the ephemera packs and 1 piece of patterned paper I was going to use and trimmed up my cut file - those flowers just were not going to work! 

From the patterned paper I picked the colours I wanted to use and not knowing exactly where this page was going I grabbed the Colour Shimmer Spray, the Colour Paste and the Colour Shimmer Pots in the colours I wanted to use - Blush, Punch and Deep Water. And at the last minute, Steel.

With my colours chosen and the cut file and photo ready to go I grabbed my White Heavy Gesso and used my fingers to spread a thin layer across the page where I knew I wanted my page design. I let that dry naturally which did not take long since the layer was so thin.

Time to add some more colour!! I started with the lightest colour - Blush - Colour Shimmer Cube, grabbed a paint brush and some packaging and added some colour randomly to my back ground. I ended up just using a wet brush and moved the colour around using that and the packaging together to get the look I was after.

I repeated the same process with Punch - again using a Colour Shimmer Cube, let that dry thoroughly and then the same process again with Deep Water - this time using my Colour Shimmer Spray (I haven't been able to get my hands on the Colour Shimmer Cube yet!!! Argh!!). I let the Deep Water dry naturally - it was dinner time - and was super happy with the dried result.

Next up some splatters - again I used the 3 matching colours in the same products and a paint brush. I added Blush and Punch splatters to the pink areas and Deep Water to the blue-y areas. At the last minute I decided to sprinkle some Steel Colour Shimmer Cube around as well just to bring that silvery colour to the page.

I surprised myself and stopped here with the colour - I really loved how it was looking and didn't want to go over the top! I added in some shadows to the cut file with a black water colour pencil. 

Some foam to mount my cut file that had been backed with the paper and my photo. Oh and some silver stitching along the triangles. A couple of very small embellishments and my page was done! 

I am super pleased with how this came together and since it is another wedding photo I haven't added a date or any journalling as I just wanted to scrap this photo!!

Here are a few close ups!

Check out the shimmer in these photo's, oh la la!!

You still have about 10 days to get your entries in for the October challenge - just enter them in this album on the FB page - and your chance to win a voucher to spend on some fun Colour Blast goodies so make some time to play!!

You can also check out my whole process on the YT channel but here is the link to watch it right now, in your browser!

Until next time, happy scrapping!!


Friday, 20 October 2017

She's a Dreamer.... By Fiona Hughes

Happy Friday Crafters!
It's Fi here, sharing today,  here on the Colour Blast Blog.

Using heavy kraft cardstock, I grabbed my  White Heavy Gesso, & using my silicone brush, I applied  the Gesso to a good area in the central portion of the age. I let this dry naturally.

Although random, the dried Gesso was not  quite random enough.
I chose 2 of Colour Blasts' blue tones- Deep Water & Singing the Blues- Colour Shimmer Sprays.
After agitating the shimmer, I sprayed one colour at a time onto some scrap plastic packaging, rubbed it together on itself and then...... turned it over and smooshed it onto the Gesso'd portion of my page. The 3rd Colourshimmer Spray I picked was Dusty Charcoal. I splattered this over the page as contrast.

So I then stuck down my photo and embellies.
I then picked a 6x6 cloud stencil, for easy movement around the page, and worked some Steel ColourPaste through it over my page.

The silhouette houses that I had adhered to the bottom of my page were  being lost  into the background. So I grabbed the Dusty Charcoal Colour Shimmer Spray again and a fine paintbrush and very messily painted around the edges of the diecut, imitating shadows.

And that is it. Super simple. 
I hope you can take something away from this page and use it yourselves on your next page.

Much love to you all.

Cheers, Fi x

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Sisters from the Heart by Suzy Loudon

Hello everyone. I was playing around trying new things out when I stumbled upon a tie dye like effect. It completely wasn't what I had in mind when I was playing, but found it the next morning when I went to throw out the soggy mess. So I tried it again and came up with this layout.

So to begin with I got a piece of white cardstock then placed a paper insert from an album sleeve (the freebie ones that come in them when you buy album sleeves) on top of the card.

In a container I mixed some Heavy White Gesso with water to make it quite runny. I grabbed my paint pallet & activated some Colour Shimmer Dusts in Paris, Peacock, Duke & a tiny bit of Lollipop.

I then drizzled the watered down gesso over the paper. Nice and thick and soggy.

I then squirted the Colour Shimmer Dusts randomly into the Gesso (this is where I originally thought I might get a marble effect but no)

Swirling it around gave me this awful concoction. But I put it aside and left it till morning.

This is what I found in the morning. 

I lifted off the top sheet carefully as it was still soggy & runny. The centre of the top sheet had buckled so contact with the bottom card around the centre wasn't great but knowing I was going to cover that area it didn't bother me.

The whole process got me thinking & I started to think if I could get the tie die effect other ways or if it really was from the gesso. So I folded another album insert sheet into four. Gave the top sheet a really heavy spray with water then again drizzled the Shimmer Dusts. Then left overnight again. In the morning the effect I was left with was just a watercolour effect. 

I mixed some Polar & Cool Mint Mica Powder with some Heavy White Gesso, mixing well. I kept adding Mica till I was happy with the colour. 

I dabbed it on my chipboard alternating colours. I heated it with my heat gun giving it a great bubbled effect.

I flipped my page around then added some stamping with black Stazon Ink.

For my title I used foam glitter letters. I activated some Midnight Shimmer Dust then dabbed it onto my letters. 

As it dried the black lightened, so I had to keep adding layers until I was happy.

I covered my photo then added splashes page with some more Midnight Shimmer Dust.

I used  Bling Colour Paste on the back of a clear plastic word.I just carefully applied it with a paintbrush.

It dried great with the gorgeous colour coming through.

I added some die cuts & sticker elements as well as some clear micro beads.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing how I played with my great Colour Blast products. I encourage you to play & try out new things as you never know what you'll end up with.

See you next time.