Friday, 28 July 2017

I can't believe I made this! - by Fiona Hughes

Hi my fellow crafters. I'm here with you all again to share this layout of my eldest, Georgia. This pic was on her Year 12 Formal. She looked so beautiful, I couldn't help thinking, "I can't believe I made this"....... How did that happen.....????

Anyways, I started with some heavy gauge cardstock, spritzed with water, (in a diamond shape), and also some Colour Shimmer Spray in Deep Water & Stormy Weather. I moved the colour with some more water and a watercolour brush, until I was happy to leave it alone to dry. 
After the background was dry, I added some flicks of Stormy Weather Colour Shimmer Spray, by unscrewing the spray nozzle and simply  tapping the tubing part and allowing the solution to splatter....and again allowed to dry naturally.

One of my embellishments was this piece of plain white, medical gauze. I sprayed it with  Colour Shimmer Sprays- Stormy Weather & Steel, setting it aside to dry.... I admit, I did give it a little attention with the heat tool to finish off! Lol.

Ok, let's look to the background again.
 I took a damask-type stencil, a palette knife and my favourite Colour Paste- Steel. I worked  the paste through the stencil, making sure it was over the diamond shape of the dried Colour Shimmer Sprays.

I love the crisp pattern over the randomness of the background colour.

I then, began to put it all together. 
I matted the black & white photo on some black tissue paper. and gathered all the other embellishments- Flowers, die cuts, flair button, black cotton & my coloured gauze. 

2 clusters of these subtle embellies,  some of which i puffy mounted, was just enough, to compliment and highlight my beautiful girl.

With my title down the right of the photo, I am done.
I love working with these great quality pastes, mists and  other coloured yumminess. I hope it shows in my pages.
Thanks for looking my friends. Have a great day.

Bye for now, 

Fi. x x x

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Blooming By Suzy Loudon

Hello Colour Blasters. 
I'm back again sharing a page of my very fast growing daughter. It continues to amaze me how fast our kids grow.

To begin my layout I painted my page with Heavy White Gesso over tissue paper, scrunching it up slightly.
Then once dry I stamped a couple of images.

I then dripped Indigo  Colour Spray onto my page. I also gave some areas a light spray with water to spread it around,tilting my page to make it run.       

I activated my Passion Colour Shimmer Dust in my watercolour palette and again dripped it onto my page. A few more little sprays of water to spread it around.

I layered with the Indigo Colour Spray & Passion Shimmer Dust until I was happy with the effect.

I added some layers of paper to back my photo.

Using my water brush I painted a few areas/drips using my Lovely Lilac  Colour Shimmer Cube.

I activated my Midnight Colour Shimmer Dust. Using my paintbrush I splattered it around.

I embossed my chipboard letters in Dusty Charcoal Colour Embossing Powder.

I added some Lovely Lilac  Colour Paste through a stencil.

A few sequins, glass beads & micro beads.

Adding to my title.

And some lavender

And I was done.

Thanks for looking. See you next time.
xxx Suzy

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Not Where I Started by Danielle Vertigan

Do you ever get everything out ready to create,
Only to find what you had planned and first envisioned is not anywhere near where you end up???
Well that's definitely the case with this layout!

I had out my Colour Shimmer Cubes and Colour Shimmer Dusts ready to go
My direction changed. I was inspired by my Sprays completely did a 180 on what
I was first thinking.
So using my Carribean  Colour Spray
I got a white sheet of cardstock and spritzed a centre section.

I did this liberally to collect a slight pooling effect.
I used this to tilt my page to all 4 sides of my layout.
This spread the drips around.

Once this layer was dry I selected a stencil.
I layed this over the spritzed area and covered the edges using a napkin.
My next colour choice is the
Just Blue  Colour Shimmer Spray
I added this over the cascading leaves and then completed this
by adding a final layer re spritzing using the Carribean Colour Spray 

You can see the intensity of the shimmer left by the Just Blue Colour Shimmer Spray. 
My last layer to add using the Bubblegum  Colour Spray
was applied using the stalk flicking a criss cross pattern over the spritzed area.

Once this was dry I trimmed 1cm from the bottom and 1cm from the side of my cardstock.
Doing this now gives me the grace that if any spray over laps the edge of my stencil I can trim it off.

I trimmed down my photo and placed it into the centre of my sheet of black cardstock and using a blade I cut it out.

I then attached the white sheet to my remaining Black Cardstock.
This was then layered with my matted photo

Using my black gel pen and a ruler I began layering lines on my bordered edge.

I repeated this process around my photo.
I did this overlapping the image edge also.

I added a few squares to the top left and bottom right corners.
I then added a few small journal details.

Using a speckled stencil I added
Steel  Colour Paste
layering it over the edges of my photo also.

To embellish I kept it simple with metal tag,
sequins and some bling.

I love how this has turned out.
The black and white image mixed with the feel of cascading water is perfect.

To add to your collections of fabulous Colour Blast products
head to

Colour Blast Australia

Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Hi Colour Blast Lovelies.

This is my last share as a part of the Colour Blast team. It has been an awesome 2 years however, real life is happening and I have decided to return to study to start a new career path.

This project is a little close to my heart.  As you probably know, I had adult braces that were removed last November.  The orthodontist offered to sterilise them so I could take them home.  Why not I thought.  Then I could show my kids but on the way home I had a better idea....

Here it is here:

 This project started off as a Rat trap that I altered just a little. Here are a few of the things I used.

 I have a process video so I won't go into too much detail here but here's a quick breakdown of what I did.  I pulled apart the trap.  My plan was to replace the "trap" part with my braces.  Once the trap was ready, I prepared it with a base that would provide good tooth for the colours and layers to stick too.  Using a large brush I added a layer of Colour Blast White Gesso.

Then I added some crackle paste and mulberry paper for texture.  Once the paste had dried and crackled I added some paint for a vibrant pink.  Then I knocked back the colour with some Acrylic Paint and then at the end I added some Colour Spray in Roadbase.

Once I was happy with all my layers and colour, I added some stamping and ink splatters. Then I added my final "embellishments" gluing everything into place with hot glue.

I really love how this project turned out and that I have a momento of my braces experience I can hang on the wall.

Here are a few close ups:

I hope that I have inspired you not only today but in my whole time as a Design Team Member with Colour Blast Australia. Thank you for seeing something in me and taking me on as part of the team Tenisha.

Here is the link to the process video if you are interested. Click Here.

Krisy xx

Monday, 24 July 2017

Lovely Moment by Tracey Campbell

Greetings and Salutations lovely people, today I am here to share a few tips and ideas on how to be thrifty with your Colour Blast products. 
My first thrifty tip is to make the most of your Shimmer Dusts - Do you remember a few weeks ago I shared this layout
 titled Sweet Girls, I used a hand made heart mask? In that post (find it here) when I removed the mask from the background I told you that I flipped it onto another piece of cardstock for another layout... well my layout for this post is using that cardstock. 
Lovely Moments. 
Below is a photo of me lifting the cardstock off the mask, you can see it left a reverse image heart. I used Navy and Lollipop Colour Shimmer Dust. If you want to see how I used the Colour Shimmer Dust in the original layout, just click on the link.
 Next I used a black paint pen to draw around the image.
 I wanted to create some texture on the background so I applied some Heavy White Gesso with a spatula.
 Here you can see that I did not apply the Heavy White Gesso very evenly or neatly - the messy the better for lots of texture.
 Once the Gesso was dry I sprayed some Envy Colour Shimmer Spray thorough a heart stencil.
 Here is how it is looking now.
Tip two for being thrifty - use those wet baby wipes. I use baby wipes at my desk to clean up my table and I discovered that you can actually use the baby wipe while it is still wet to stamp!!  
I am using a wet baby wipe straight after I have mopped up some Road Base and Bubble Gum Colour Spray. 
 Simply place the baby wipe onto the area where you want to stamp and press the stamp into it.
 Lift the baby wipe off. The drier the baby wipe the lighter the image - in the photo above you can see a light image of a paint splatter stamp.
In the image below I pressed the smaller splatter stamp a bit more harder to create a darker stamped image.
 Although I liked how the stamped images turned out I just had to add finer splatters using the Roadbase Colour Spray straw.
 Next up I heat embossed a chipboard flourish with Rose Petal Colour Embossing Powder to use as an embellishment on my page.
 Thrifty tip three - used those dried baby wipes for flowers. I have stopped throwing my cleaning up baby wipes out and have started to save them to use as flowers by simply cutting them into circles.
 Popping a brad through the centre and stacking about four or five circles on top of each other. For these flowers I am using a baby wipe which I have mopped up Envy Colour Shimmer Spray and Indigo Colour Spray.
 Next hit the circle stacks with a heat gun and watch the edges of the baby wipe.
 The heat makes the edges curl up to form a nice flower shape. Do not hold the heat gun too close to the baby wipe as you can burn them.
Use the elements to decorate your page and finish off with a title and some journaling.  
Thanks for stopping in, I hope that I have inspired you.