Sunday, 25 June 2017

Audrey Love by Amy Little

Hello CB friends,

Sunday Funday with Amy L here. I was stuck in bed one day and was inspired watching Audrey to create a little Colour Blast Art.

Step one- Draw in the features lightly with pencil.

Using a watercolour pencil, fill in your shadows.

Step 3 - Use Colour Mica Powder Espresso, Watermelon and Polar. Use more pigment in the shadow areas and more water in the lighter area. Taking advantage of your white space can really make the layout pop!

Step 4 - Use some Colour Shimmer Dust Navy I painted in the corners of the art journal page by spreading some water and dropping a little dust in. Layer with a stencil some Colour Paste Bling for some texture.
And here is my Audrey Love I hope you have a go at using your white space.

Stay Scrappy

Friday, 23 June 2017

"I call her Amity" by Melissa Struhs

Hello again bloggers! It has been a huge few weeks for the Colour Blast team as we come off the back of the Brisbane Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo in Brisbane. This year, I was invited to teach with Krisy Podolak and Michelle Grant in the Colour Blast classroom. This canvas was the key piece that I had been working on for my Tutor Display. It has been quite the labour of love, for months on end she has been a work in progress sitting on my dining table in a million tiny pieces. It is no surprise to most people that I never do off the page projects...but this event called for me to extend myself and try something new.

Here is how she began....a simple image on a canvas that I scored in the clearance aisle at Kmart. I truly can not draw or paint faces, to have a starting point made life so much easier. I made some decisions quite quickly, I wanted her to be crisp and white with bold splashes of tropical colours. this way, it would really fit with the d├ęcor in my home and I was hoping she would be so gorgeous and would need a huge wall to hang on.

I have been allowing my 2 pots of White Heavy Gesso to thicken since I got them, every time I sat to work...they were open and then are super thick now. The white space to the sides of the face had large open spaces, so a simple script stencil was used to infill around the hair and to define her jawline.

The great thing about the dark image, it was very easy to see where the stencilling should stop and start.

The unstructured script looks quite whimsical and I really love the tone on tone effect.

The dark hair was the next thing I knew I wanted to alter. A 12x12 rattan stencil was layered several times to soften the look. I left the gesso to dry naturally between each panel. This always gives me a tonne of time to try and figure out what would be next.

Once it was all complete, the definition was brought entirely back to her facial features.

For the next few weeks, I painted several layers of white gesso over metal filigree embellishments, all assorted styles and various sizes. I really had no idea how many I would need so I painted 10 to 15 of each. 

The Colour Embossing Powders in Apple of my Eye, Blush and Punch were used to bring pops of colour to more metal embellishments and chipboard pieces.

I had in my mind that all of these pieces would layer throughout her hair, mixed with wood veneer shapes too.

Lots of texture was built as I laid out pieces, though they were probably moved several more times.

My 5 foot dining room table became a place to gather any products that I thought I would like to add. Simple paper flowers were given the Sunbleached look, see my previous post from 2 weeks ago for a full tutorial.

All of these elements, were in piles all over the table and about 2 weeks out from the show, I sat for several hours and attached everything with a gel medium. Placing them as I went, I would add a burst of colour with a flower or metal embellishment.

Everywhere you look, there are so many cute clusters and all very different. Now that the show has come to an end, I have visions of including some black and white mini print photo's to celebrate the occasion before having it framed.

I am sure lots of Colour Blast fans saw the social media blitz over the weekend... selfies of the team, the tutors in the classroom and the gorgeous product in display in our booth and messages wishing they were with us. One last pic, one of my favourite people in front of my display. Amanda and I have been scrapping pals for longer than I can remember and she made sure we took that photo early one morning. I love that we have Colour Blast events to look forward to....

Till next time,
Happy Colour Blasting,

Thursday, 22 June 2017

"Tickled Pink" by Amanda H

Hi everyone,

Here is my second page share for June... And I am "tickled pink" with how it turned out! So pink and pretty! Perfect for my sweet new niece! Here is a sneak peek....

But first, let's see how I put this page together.

Firstly I stamped using a flower stamp, directly onto a Kraft cardstock base. I wanted to emboss using Snow White Colour Embossing Powder. I wasn't completely sure what exact colour I would get, but in the end I think it looks awesome.

I used clear Versamark ink and sprinkled the Snow White Colour Embossing Powder over each stamped image on the page. I used a fan brush to dust off the excess.

I won't lie, I had white and silvery glitter flying everywhere!
Heat set the stamped flowers - they turned a shimmery silver. So pretty!

Next, I mixed some Snow White Colour Paste with a very small sprinkle of Lollipop Colour Shimmer Dust to create a pink paste - a paste filled with mica and shimmer!
I used this through an heart stencil on the page.

I wanted some customised embellishments so I mixed my own pink paint, using the White Heavy Gesso and a small sprinkle of the Lollipop Colour Shimmer Dust.
Using this paint, I painted a canvas arrow and tab (handmade by Charms Creations). I also used some of this paint for a light smear around the edge of the page.
Next, I grabbed my Punch Colour Shimmer Cube, added a few squirts of water and added more pink to the background! I added some splatters while I was going and also painted lightly around the edge of the page, adding a another layer to the pale pink paint.
I also decided to create an ombre effect onto the arrow and tab, by painting with some Punch Colour Shimmer Cube. By adding more water I was able to get a washed through effect with the pink on these embellishments.
I added a little stamping, with a butterfly in light grey ink.
I used Dusty Charcoal Colour Shimmer Spray to colour some white diecut leaves.
The leaves take up the colour well. While I was there I added some splatters of Dusty Charcoal Colour Shimmer Spray to the background.

Then it was time to pull all the elements together! Here is the final page!
You can see the interesting colour and texture created by the Snow White Colour Embossing Powder on the page!

I love the paste effect created my mixing the Snow White Colour Paste and Lollipop Colour Shimmer Dust!

And I love the painted pink arrow and tab embellishmetns amongst the flowers and stickers and bits and pieces!
Oh that colour and sparkle!

That's it! Thanks for looking today! See you in July!


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

This is Awesome by Sue Plumb

Hi everyone! Sue Plumb here to share my latest Colour Blast design team project with you. Today, I have a 12x12" mixed media layout that I created using a combination of Colour Shimmer Dusts, a Colour Shimmer Cube, Colour Paste and a Colour Spray. The page features a photo of my daughter that was taken last year on the night of her school production.

As the production was set in Africa and my daughter had played a lion cub; I was looking to create a page that had a "tribal" feel to it, so I started by creating my background.

1. I applied a thin coat of White Heavy Gesso all over my cardstock, then set it aside to dry. 

2. I then mixed some Paris Colour Shimmer Dust with water and applied it to the central area of my cardstock using a brush. I applied enough so the paint pooled on my page, which allowed me to tilt the page to spread the colour around. I also added some splatters using the same brush.

3. Whilst the paint was still wet, I took a small, stiff bristled dry brush and used it to flick some dry Lush Colour Shimmer Dust over the wet area on my page. This allowed the colour to spread randomly and provided a contrast to the first colour. (Whilst still being a shade that blended well.)

4. I then tilted the page slightly to allow the two colours to run and blend further in areas. I then set it aside to dry.

The next step in my process was to add some depth and contrast to my background.

5. I added some stamping using a Darkroom Door background texture stamp to my main focal area, and then used a circle stamp to provide some extra points of interest. I also used another spotty texture stamp to random areas of my page. 

6. Next, I used a Sienna Colour Shimmer Cube and a water brush to add some colour highlights to the stamped circles. (I didn't make my brush very wet - just enough to pick up the colour, as I wanted to be careful not to re-activate the underlying layers too much.)

7. I coloured each of the circles on my page and left the page to air dry.

Then it was time to add another layer to my page - this time I added some texture using Colour Paste.

8. I used Bling Colour Paste, which I applied using a palette knife through a stencil.

9. I moved the stencil around to apply different sections of the pattern around my page (taking care not to squash the wet paste already there). 

10. I then left the Colour Paste to air dry completely before I then started constructing my page.

First, I added some layered pieces of patterned paper and paper doilies for my photo mat in the main focal area of my layout. (You can see how I held the layers together using staples before I adhered the bundle onto the page.) I also added some small torn pieces of washi tape and some wood veneer stars.

Next, I added some frayed gauze and wood veneer circles, which I wrapped with some pip berry stems. I also added a loose piece of stem, which I twisted around a bit before stapling to my page. (Paper doilies, washi tape, wood veneer pieces and pip berry stems all from D-lish Scraps.)

I then added a Charms Creations star onto the corner of my photo, which I layered with a Flutterby Designs flair button.

The next step was to add a touch of bling, so I scattered a few gold sequins around my page. This helped give the page a bit of extra depth, and also helped tie in the gold colour further.

The final steps in my process were to add my handwritten journaling; a few stamped phrases and date; and a bit of splatter (of course!) Instead of my traditional black, I opted instead to use Coffee Colour Spray for my splatter for a slightly softer look. (I simply took the nozzle out of the bottle and flicked it around my page.)

That's all from me today, I hope I have inspired you to get your Colour Blast products out and put them to good use. Don't forget to you can share your own creations with us in the Colour Blast Creative Corner on Facebook, and you can also ask questions of any of our team members too.

I will be back again in a couple of weeks time with another project to share. Until then, happy scrapping!