Sunday, 24 September 2017

"Wild and Free" by Melissa Struhs

Thanks Goodness for Sunday's! A time for our family to enjoy some down time together and also to take some well deserved solo time. There is nothing I love more than an afternoon of scrapping in absolute silence with a peppermint tea. And last weekend was just that. Lately, there has been so many people commenting that they are too scared to stencil with their pastes directly onto their photographs. Definitely, with 4 terms with the Design Team, I can do it without any mishaps but do have a few must do tips that help ensure a perfect finish every time.

I began with a super sized black and white photo with a sanded edge. I wanted to utilise some open spaces in the image. I have so many stencils in my stash and there was several that I wanted to use but only a little of each so this is how the overall look was achieved.

From Left to Right: 
1. This stencil had the title of Wild and Free
2. The most open space was located to the right of my son's foot
3. Using some washi tape, I masked around the words to eliminate the leaf pattern
4. I positioned the masked stencil over the image and taped them both onto my Non Stick Craft Mat to stop any movement
5. Using a palette knife, Just Blue Colour Paste
6. You can see that I have not tried to scrape the excess paste away at this stage, this is to eliminate any seepage under the stencil...

and it fills the space beautifully and will eventually dry to that fabulous electric blue colour. I like to set it aside on my designated shelf to dry naturally. 

Left to Right:
1. I wanted only a small section of the circuitry panel stencil so again it was isolated by the washi tape
2. It was positioned to the right of the stencilled title
3. Small amounts of tape were used to secure the layers together
4. Deep Water Colour Paste was applied to that small area
5. When spreading the paste, take your time and smooth it across rather than scrape it
6. The paste has the clearly defined lines that I was after to represent the gaming in the image

Once my stencil was thoroughly washed and dried,
Left to Right:
1. I flipped my stencil over so I could slightly alter the look of the pattern
2. Positioned the stencil again but this time on the left side of my son's foot and masked off a smaller section
3. When I was happy with the placement again an extra piece of washi held it all securely.
4. The coverage of Colour Paste only ever drifts on to the washi tape and can be easily washed off for using repeatedly too

By now, you can see how I am repeating those same tips over and over again, this time with a star stencil and it frames a graffiti quote in the background of the photo. It was eerily on point with how life is with my teen and really spoke to me so I decided to highlight it.

I also used a Steel Colour Paste and dot stencil around the edges of black cardstock but forgot to take a progress shot, you can see it in close up shots of the layout.

With just a few finishing off embellishments needed, I reached for some of the items on September's Challenge Products....
Left to Right:
1. Metal cogs were wet with an embossing dauber
2. And dipped in Steel  and Just Blue Colour Embossing Powder and heat set
3. More cogs were inked with clear Versamark ink
4. And dusted with Cool Mint Colour Mica Powder
5. When dry, the cogs were layered together in clusters
6. A little flick of colour to make the black cardstock stand out
7. Just Blue Colour Shimmer Cube activated with water with a long bristle brush helps with the splatter effect
8. Steel Colour Shimmer Cube was added too
9. I love the colour combination of these together

And here are a final few close up shots, I think it is well worth the time to mask off your stencils if you are concerned about trying the technique. The first time I tried it, I worked with photo's that were destined for the bin or scraps that I had cropped off for other layouts.

The Colour Mica Powders have been so under utilised in my stash but I intend to drag them out a lot more since I have forced myself to play with them.

Hope your weekend is a creative one, till next time

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Breathe - Art Journal page with Melinda Sweetman

Hello fellow Colour Blast lovers!! Melinda here with you today and I am sharing my latest DT project which is another art journal page! Here is a bit of a sneaky peek

And I am playing along with the September challenge which is

So, remember, you have until the end of the month to load your project into this album on Facebook using the prompts provided!

And here are my step-by-steps (I did MEAN to have a process video, phone was loaded and ready to go but I forgot to press record!!)

First up I picked a page in my art journal that I had applied some left over products from another project onto some time ago! My White Heavy Gesso and a paint brush and applied a very random (I did not cover the whole page) layer of gesso.

Next up, I of course heat set that first, some stamping for texture. I grabbed my archival black ink and a couple of stamps I wanted to use and again, randomly applied those across my page.

Again with the heat gun! And next was some actual texture! Here I grabbed my Colour Mica Powders in Espresso and Polar. First I mixed the Espresso with some White Heavy Gesso (I accidently discovered you get this beautiful grey colour when you mix these products together!) and then applied randomly through a stencil. 

I cleaned up that mixture and again with the gesso but this time Polar Mica Powder. I had left the stencil in place so again applied this colour randomly over the stencil, both over lapping the other colour and some by itself.

I love how this stencilling came out!! Remember, the more colour you add the bolder the colour you will get mixing it with white gesso!

I left that to dry naturally and started work on my chipboard. I picked a single word for my title and decided to emboss it using the gorgeous Just Blue Colour Embossing Powder. First up however, I wanted a "cleaner" colour so I applied a quick coat of gesso and let that dry.

Next up, I grabbed my embossing ink dabber, applied liberally, added embossing powder in Just Blue, shook off excess and heat set. So pretty!

While embossing I decided that the background needed some more colour so I activated my Just Blue Colour Shimmer Cube by adding a little water. When that was ready to go I applied the watercolour to the page, spritzed with more water and turned and titled the page until I got the colour where I wanted it. 

Time to put the finishing touches on! Before I stuck anything down however I decided that I had this new stamp that I HAD to use so I stamped that 3 times onto some tissue paper, heat set and tore around.

Using some different fibres, my title and 2 of my butterflies I came up with placing that I was happy with and stuck everything down. Wet glue for the fibres and title and matt medium for the butterflies.

Oops, I nearly forgot my last 2 finishing touches!! I grabbed some tiny blue beads and matt medium and stuck some of those down around my title - I feel like I now need some shells!  

And then I grabbed my fan brush and my Roadbase Colour Spray for some black splatters!

I love, love, love how this came out! I challenged myself when I started this page to keep LOTS of white space - which is VERY unusual for me in my art journal. I was lucky enough to have Fiona Paltridge create a page in my journal and one of the things I really loved about it was that not every single inch of the paper was covered so I though I'd give it a go myself!! Here are a couple more close ups!

Swoon, I so LOVE all that texture!

That's it for me for today so have fun playing with your fun Colour Blast goodies and make sure you pop into the FB group to share your creations, we love to see what is being made!!

Happy scrapping!


Friday, 22 September 2017

Today I Choose Happiness by Fiona Hughes

Hi everyone, this time I have a simple layout using my favourite colours- blues & greens. You can get the idea that i don't have a lot of original subject matter as far as my photographs go.... Yes it's another selfie... hehehehe!

With this layout I used 12 x 12 watercolour cardstock, which I just love, especially when I use the Colour Shimmer Dusts and a tonne of water.

I began with 4 of the incredible Colour Shimmer Dusts -Paris, Lush, Peacock & Duke.... (Sigh).. *insert heart eyes!
I generously sprayed water in a diamond shape over my page, then sprinkled a LITTLE of each dust over the wet area, in no particular pattern.
Then sprayed some more of the wet stuff over them to prolong the magic.

I didn't want to mix the colours too much, in this layout, so i used my heat tool to dry it..... I also blotted some of the extra liquid too.

It's nice, huh!? I really like the "tide marks" too.
 Because I had chosen this pic of me, on one of my daily, morning walks by the ocean... I wanted to stick with this theme...  & I selected a stencil that, to me, mimicked water droplets.
Using the Colour Paste in  Deep Water, I  worked the paste through the stencil towards the top left & bottom right parts of the coloured area,  to sort of frame the image, in a random fashion, ( as is my thing).

Surprisingly, I let this creamy goodness, dry naturally. (I know right!... so not me!)
All that remained, was to layer up the picture with some 3x4 cards, from a 'beachy' collection, & then puffy mount it over some white punchinella, so the photo didn't get swallowed by the Colour Blast goodness. I discovered this wasn't quite enough, so I added a few white enamel dots to add to the contrast. Finally, the title and a flair badge. It needed a border to bring it all together, so because the watercolour card was a bit buckled from all the water, I mounted the page on some complimentary blue cardstock, to stabilise & 'ground' it.

What do you think? Simple, right?

You can do this too, using the awesome Colour Shimmer Dusts and ColourPastes.... every  layout will be different and unique using these lovely mediums. Give it a go..... let yourself go. I promise, you'll LOVE it.

Thanks for having a look today.
Cheers, Fi x 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Glitz & Glam by Suzy Loudon

A big Hello to everyone. This week I've gone back to the 1920's after a wonderful party. It was a bit of a challenge to scrap but I hope I've done my photo justice.

To begin with I thought my paper was a bit too busy in the centre so spread White Heavy Gesso randomly with my pallet knife.

I cut myself some lace the gave it a spray with Love Colour Spray. I dried it with my heatgun (be careful not to get too close & melt it). On drying it went a much lighter colour so I kept repeating the process, focusing more on the bottom. I must have done this about 6 or 7 times before I was happy. When I was assembling my page I decided I needed to extend my lace to I did the same process with another section.

I used a chandelier stencil with Steel Colour Paste. 

I coated some chipboard with Steel Colour Embossing Powder.

After heat setting the Steel I used a sponge to dab my embossing dauer to add a very small amount onto my chipboard. I then used Fire Engine Colour Embossing Powder on the small sections. I heat set it then repeated the process using Bling Colour Embossing Powder.

I tried to get a photo picking up the Fire Engine & Bling highlights but didn't quite capture it. You can see it better in close-ups later.

I sprayed some Love Colour Spray on some flowers. A little trick - if you don't want to colour your flower stems cover them in some washie tape before spraying.

I then sprayed a flower in Roadbase Colour Spray...but didn't move my red flower completely out of the way so it got flecks of Roadbase all over it.

I sprayed some more flowers with Steel Shimmer Spray

 I added some feathers & some little embellishments to finish my page.
You can see in this photo the depth of the lace that I reached, as well as some of the colour accents on the Steel chipboard.

Some of the top lighter lace that was covered by the photo I cut off & lifted up. You can see the different shade to the bottom piece.

Thanks for spending the time to enable me to share my page 
See you next time.

XXX Suzy

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

I love the way you smile by Danielle Vertigan

Hello Colour Blast Creators
The year is flying by so fast and its that time of the week again for me to share my latest creation with you.
Simple, clean and white space is what I was going for and I have to say I am pretty happy with the results.

To get started you will need
Colour Blast Paste in Envy and Dusty Charcoal
Colour Shimmer Spray in Envy
and a Sheet of White Cardstock.

Using the Colour Shimmer Spray I removed the lid and worked with it free form.
Be sure to mix it well before you start to get all that gorgeous shimmer that settled out of the bottle and onto your page.
I gently poured it onto my layout and then tilted it to spread the colour.

I repeated this around certain areas of my page.
Once dry I selected a stencil and using a spatula I applied the paste through the stencil.
Using Dusty Charcoal I started with one area to the left followed by one to the right.

I chose not to line up the images and had them slightly off line to one another.
Once this was dry I used a second pattern and added it to my right corner with Envy  slightly lapping my previous application

A few controlled flicks where added using the stalk.
You can add more or less its up to you.
I've chosen to keep it restrained. How much you add is up to you.
Roadbase  Colour Spray 
would make another great addition to your layout if your after more contrast.
Using the base of an embellishment packet I created lapping squares using a gel pen.
Once I completed my desired pattern, I went over it freehand till I was happy with the end result.

I repeated this process to create a layout border.

I trimmed down a 4x6 inch photo and slightly tilted it to match my squares.
Using a Black Marker and ruler I bordered my Photo.
I preferred this look over any matting. I didn't want to add another element.

Some journaling details have been added using both a gel pen and stickers for a point of difference.

Some black chipboard gave me my title

Finished with a touch of Bling in silver.

I'm really happy with the splash of colour and the restraint.
Its not often I do it but I do love having white space on my layout.

For all your Colour Blast goodies and to add to your collection
There is so much to choose from and as you can see in the images the shimmer is a standout.
Thanks for stopping by