Monday, 11 December 2017

Colour Artist Inks Colour Mixing with Selena Stevens

With the new Colour Artist Inks hitting the Colour Blast shelves I decided to try mixing them and see the colours that could be made with them.

To watch the time lapse video click here.  Or watch the video below

So, lets begin ...

I started by drawing a grid in my art journal with the names of all the Colour Artist Inks along the vertical line and repeated the names along the horizontal line.

I mixed the Colour Artist Ink from the vertical line with the horizontal line and put the new colour in the corresponding box. 

To do this I used a paintbrush and placed one colour on a palette and then got the same amount of the second colour out and mixed them together on the palette, making sure to wash the brush each time it changed colours.

I continued to do this until the grid was filled with lovely colour.  By mixing colours it is an easy way to turn 18 colours into 171 new colours and by changing the ratio of each colour an endless number of colours could be made.

The Colour Artist Inks are so vibrant and juicy.

The Colour Artist Inks can be purchased from your local stockists.

I hope you enjoyed this.

Until next time,

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Turtley Cool Dude!! By Tracey Campbell

Hello Colour Blasters, I was feeling a bit inspired by kids TV when I was playing with the Colour Blast products this week and this cool looking turtle and snarly seahorse appeared.
 To start this creation I drew the turtle and seahorse onto some thick art paper with a lead pencil.
 Once I was happy with the outline I erased the extra pencil lines and applied a coat of water onto a small amount of the body of the turtle. I did a little bit at a time so not to let the water dry. 
Then using the Artist Inks in Cider, Lime and Calypso I painted onto the wet paper. I wanted the colours to blend and bleed together.  The Artist Ink will bleed as far as the water is painted so make sure that you do sections at a time - for example I only did up to the flipper and a small section of the body.
 I let each small section dry before working on the next as this kind of gave the disjointed look of a turtle shell.
 Once I had coloured all the turtle and the seahorse I used Heavy White Gesso to paint the outlines.

Whilst that was drying I went to work on creating a back ground. I sprinkled lines of Colour Shimmer Dust across some heavy white art paper. I was trying for a deep water look at sunset, so I used the Navy, Duke, Velvet, Lollipop, Lush, Sunflower and Candy Colour Shimmer Dust and lots of water spray to activate it.
 While the background was drying I fussy cut the turtle and the seahorse out and also some of the Soot Artist Ink in a fountain pen to draw on the eyes, noses and mouths of the creatures.
 Then adhered them to the background.
Such a fun and bright creations - now all I have to do is find a frame and hang it on Paige's (my 7 year old daughter) bedroom wall.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you are inspired.