Thursday, 21 June 2018

Choose Happiness by Suzy Loudon

Hello everyone. Today I'm sharing a layout I did for my daughter. As she grows up into a lovely young lady it is getting so hard to take photos of her. Luckily I managed to get some lovely snaps this day.

The weekend before I did my layout or had even thought of what I was going to do I made some flowers. To do this I cit out some flowers with a die cut. Each flower was made up of 4 different sizes. I then gave them a really good spray with Violet Colour Spray. I then held them together with a large split pin. I then scrunched together each individual petal starting from the centre working outwards. I then left them to dry naturally. When I came back to them many days later I carefully opened the flowers up from the outside shaping the petals. (I forgot to take a photo but you can see them in the close-ups at the end).

Using a sponge I dipped it into some Heavy White Gesso that I had smeared onto my craft mat, building up the layers until I was happy.

Then using a nice big paintbrush I dipped it into my Indigo Colour Spray & painted over my Gessoed area. Then using my heat gun I dried it allowing areas to pool to give character.

Using Dusty Charcoal Colour Paste I spread it through a stencil.

Once dry I added Lovely Lilac  Colour Paste through a different stencil.

I grabbed some cling wrap & dabbed it into some Soot  Artist Ink that I had put on my craft mat & given a spray of water, then dabbed it around my purple area.

Once the Soot Artist Ink dried it went more translucent.

I mixed some Wisteria  Colour Mica Powder with Mod Podge then painted a lace flower. 

I embossed some chipboard with Rose Petal  Colour Embossing Powder. I embossed straight onto the chipboard without using a coloured ink or white gesso so it gave it a darker shade...a pinky purple.

Using my finger I edged my photos with Heavy White Gesso before backing onto black card then cardboard.

I embossed some more chipboard with Royalty Colour  Embossing Powder

My chipboard flourishes I embossed with Dusty Charcoal Embossing Powder.

For my chipboard title I first gave it a good coat with a purple ink pad. While it was still wet I coated it with Lovely Lilac Embossing Powder.

Using my Lovely Lilac Shimmer Spray I sprayed some white flowers & left to dry.

After putting all my elements together I covered my photo before giving my page a splash with watered down Heavy White Gesso.

I added 2 different shades of purple micro breads, some glass glitter and some Wisteria Mica Powder in a small container. The Mica Powder coloured the glitter giving me a very pretty mix.

You can see where I've sprinkled my mix around my layout in these close ups.

Thanks for taking the time to look. Hope I've inspired you to create a layout of your own.
Till next time,

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

"Love You" by Sue Plumb

Hi everyone!
Sue Plumb here today with my latest design team project for you. Today I have a mixed media scrapbook page to share that features my favourite Colour Artist Inks; Colour Paste; and a photo of my daughter and I that was taken recently when we were out celebrating her 10th birthday.

I started my page with a sheet of heavy weight cardstock, which I spritzed with water from a spray bottle, and then left it for a minute or two to soak in, before adding another little spritz to moisten the surface again.

I then took my Colour Artist Inks and began by applying some 'Sunburnt' ink, by using a brush to add drops around the page. As soon as the ink hit the wet surface, you can see how the colour began to fan out and soak in where the water had been applied. (Allowing some of the water to actually soak in and penetrate the cardstock before applying the ink is what gives the "feathered" effect you can see.)

I then repeated the process with both the 'Barley' and 'Cranberry' Colour Artist Inks, ensuring the colours were dispersed in different areas of the page. In some places the colours naturally began to run together; whilst in other areas it either required a slight tilt of the page, or an additional little spritz of water.

Once I was happy with how the inks looked I set it aside to soak in and dry for a while before finishing it off with a heat gun. (I didn't use the heat gun right away as I didn't want too many "hard" water lines in my background - instead I wanted a "softer" look.)

Once the background was dry, it was time to add some texture and contrast. I chose 'Dusty Charcoal' Colour Paste, as I thought it would provide a good dark contrast against the inks. I used a small floral stencil and applied the paste using  palette knife; moving the stencil around to get the flowers placed where I wanted them. (I dried each area with the heat gun before re-applying the stencil to ensure the paste did not get smudged.)

Once the background was complete, it was simply a matter of adding some layers before adding my photo on top. I used a coloured paper doily; punchinella; dyed muslin; and a few pieces of coloured wire (all from D-lish Scraps). I secured everything in place with staples before adding my photo on top.

After the photo was in place, I added some simple embellishments - handmade heart from Charms Creations and some small acrylic hearts from Corbett Creations.

I also added some matching acrylic chevron arrows; and small phrase stickers from Cocoa Vanilla Studio.

I used Heidi Swapp printed acrylic words for my page title, and added a Cocoa Vanilla Studio chipboard sticker onto the corner of my photo.

To finish my page, I added a few splatters of 'Soot' Colour Artist Ink and I was done.

Thanks for stopping by today so I could share this with you. I hope I have inspired you to get your Colour Blast products out and get messy too.
Until next time, happy scrapping! 

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

"All the Good Things" Scrapbook layout + process video by Louise

Hi Crafters

Here to share a new scrapbook layout + process video with you.

"All the Good Things"

For this page, I've taken my inspiration from the chipboard arrow frames.

I also wanted to showcase one of my favourtie colour combinations - blue + yellow = green!

For this page I've used the following

Colour Spray Carribean
Colour Spray Saffron
Colour Embossing Powder SunshineApple of my eye and Just Blue
Colour Artist Ink Soot


Normally I start by working on my layout and I do like a horizontal page.
So to challenge my creativity I decided to work vertically.
I layed out the photos and the chipboard pieces down either side of my page.

I knew that my colour combo was going to be blue, yellow and green so I embossed each chipboard piece a different colour using the Colour Embossing Powder SunshineApple of my eye and Just Blue.

I started with a white 12x12 cardstock background - no gesso required.
I used sprays Colour Spray Carribean and Saffron by spraying them onto packaging then smudging onto the layout.
While the spray is still wet, repeat with the alternate colour and they combine to make the three colours.

The background just needed something a little more, so I searched through my stash and came across this arrow stencil.
Then I added some splatters of Colour Artist Ink Soot.

I'd already selected the large title and kept the embellishing very minimal.


You can see the whole process in the video below.

Thanks for visiting.
Happy Scrapping

Monday, 18 June 2018

Love You To The Moon & Back ~ Mini Scrapbook Pages with Melinda

Hey everyone and welcome to the blog today! I hope you are managing to stay dry and warm wherever you are! Here in WA it seems Autumn went totally MIA and we have been hit with Winter!

Anyways, onto the fun stuff, that is unless you too love jumping in all the puddles ;)

I have something a little different to share today, and LITTLE sums it up! I am working on a project for my nephew who turned one last month and my contribution (besides the supplies ;) ) is some 6x8 pages! These are the first 2 I have made and I really love them. They are sweet and simple, yet effective!

Here is the first one! "Love You To The Moon & Back"

This photo was taken at the baby shower and I will do a full 6x8 page of journalling. Perhaps in the form of a letter to my nephew, as yet, I'm undecided!

Only a few quick, simple steps to this and the first was some of the beautiful Envy Colour Paste through a stencil on the diagonal I knew I wanted to work on. Oh, I had also drawn a light pencil line around where my photo was going!

While that was still wet I activated my Colour Shimmer Pot in Envy and using a paintbrush added some splatters on the same diagonal. Not to worry if you don't have the Shimmer Pot, you can always use the Colour Shimmer Spray or even water down some of the Colour Paste and use that to splatter! If you do have the Shimmer Pot/s make sure you let them completely dry out before you pop the lid back on!

I set that aside to dry and got together some bits for the next page I wanted to work on! This photo was taken the day little Emmett was welcomed into the world. You may have even seen this photo before as I have scrapped it for our album! "Baby Love"

Again, a simple and effective page I started with another stencil and this time 2 Colour Pastes - Snow White and Singin' The Blues. I smooshed the 2 colours randomly through my stencil this time covering my whole 6x8 sized page. I set that aside to dry and picked out a few other pieces for this page.

Keeping my mixed media pretty simple meant that these pages came together in not a lot of time so after they were both dry I started adhering my layers and finished off my pages.

I still need to do some journalling for both. Like I mentioned, the first one I think will have a whole 6x8 page and I'm pretty certain the second will be his full name and birth details on the yellow label on the bottom of the page. Here a few close up's of both pages!

I just cannot resist that squishy face lol

And here is the process video if you would like to see these pages come together!

Thanks ever so much for stopping by, I hope I have inspired you to create outside of your "norm" whatever that might be because "clean" mixed media is certainly not my "norm" lol

Have a fantastic weekend and I hope you get some scrappy time!

Until next time!