Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Explore Hobbiton - By Michelle Henderson

Hi everyone!

I have a couple of different techniques for you to look at today - one I have used quite a few times in the past, and one I wanted to see if it worked on inks the way it does for watercolours, and I was very happy with it!

Here's my page....

As I wanted the inks just to be on the central panel, I used some washi tape to mask this off, then brushed on Colour Artist Inks in Marine, Oasis and Grass. I used watercolour paper to work on.

While it was still wet, I sprinkled some table salt and a couple of larger chunks of rock salt on to it, then left it to dry. When I came back to it, it was amazing to see how much the salt had absorbed the ink. I carefully brushed it off with a soft dry brush.

It looks like little snowflakes!

For my chipboard, I painted it with White Heavy Gesso first...

 The vines I embossed with Colour Embossing Powder in Envy, and the fence I stippled with two coats of Colour Paste in Sienna.

I also knew I wanted to create some vines, so I filled some syringes with both the Sienna Colour Paste once again, as well as some Bling, then scribbled out some swirly lines. You can let them dry on a messy mat and they'll lift right off, or straight on to your desk like me if it's glass 😉 Make sure they're really dry before you try lifting them.

Finally time to assemble all the elements!

I used a We R happy jig to make the wire title, as well as some flowers from my stash. The tag was made with the same technique as the main part of the page, but I substituted Colour Artist Ink in Lime for the Grass.

Here are some yummy close ups 💓

Thanks for having a look!

Monday, 10 December 2018

"R & V" by Charmane Koch

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I thought I would share with you a monochromatic layout... using Colour Paste Royalty with a touch of silver - using the Silver Colour Shimmer Brush Marker! 

First of all I have scrapped a small amount of the Colour Paste Royalty using a spatula onto White Cardstock. I waited for this to dry naturally.

I have then positioned where I would like my photo to be, then took my heart stencil to see where I would like to place that. 

I decided that one heart wasn't enough - and positioned 3 hearts so that they looked nicely balanced on the page.

I used a generous amount of Colour Paste to create texture to each of the hearts...

While waiting for the hearts to dry, I have coloured some printed tissue paper with the leftover Colour Paste I had on my spatula, scraping thinly over the top of it, so that it dries quickly.

Once dried I tore them into thinner strips and used them like washi-tape strips on my layout...

I also coloured some Wood Veneer arrows to add to my page... although it looks black once first applied it dries into a lovely silver!

Got to love Purple & Silver together! {also gorgeous for a Non-Traditional Christmas Colour Combo!}

And here is the final layout...

Such awesome texture on the hearts!

Thanks for popping by!

Happy Creating!

XO Charmane

Friday, 7 December 2018

"Hooray" by Amanda H

Hi all,

Welcome to December and my first page share for the month. I have a bright page made with the wonderful Colour Artist Inks.

Here is a sneak peek of the page.

Now, let me show you the steps I took to create the page.

I decided to do a negative stencil print for this page, so I collected some Colour Artist Inks in Lime, Grass and Citrus.

I sprayed a little water on the stencil and messy mat, and then added a few drops of each colour of the Artist Inks.

 I placed a white sheet of cardstock on top of the stencil and inks....

And used a brayer to flatten the cardstock over the stencil and colour.

The first sheet of paper had lots of colour, maybe I added too much ink?

I repeated the process and the second sheet of white cardstock had the negative stencil effect I wanted. I saved the first sheet as I know I will be able to use it for something.

I always like to colour some white muslin to match layouts. I turned this pink using Colour Artist Inks in Slipper.

Once the page had dried, I added a layer of Colour Paste in Blush through a stencil.

The last step I did, was to add a few splatters of Colour Artist Inks in Soot.

Here is the page finished!

I embellished along the bottom of the photos, with the muslin and a collection of leaves, sequins, buttons and threads.

It was fun to create this bright page, to showcase a bunch of tulips.

Thanks for looking,

Thursday, 6 December 2018

"Ellie" by Anita Enright

Happy Thursday Everyone

With Christmas just around the corner I am glad you dropped in to the blog today to check out my latest creation.

We adopted the most beautifully natured rescue puppy earlier this year after our 14 year old boy.  My other fur child Molly was depressed at his death and was very lonely so Miss Ellie came along at just the perfect time...... and even though they are both girls it was love at first sight for them.   

Just the one photo shows just how photogenic she is with her big bunny rabbit.

For this layout I decided to use my Colour Shimmer Dusts in Candy and Peacock on watercolour paper.  Firstly on my mixing mat I added the Colour Shimmer Dust to some water.

After spraying the watercolour paper I then dipped my brush in the mixed up Colour Shimmer Dusts and lightly dabbed my brush on to the wet watercoLour paper. I tried it first on a small piece and I loved how the colours were so rich so I have kept the small piece to use at a later date on a card.

Below is how my finish A4 piece of watercolour paper turned out.
I looked amazing. 

Once dry I then tore the watercolour paper and adhered it to my page base card. By doing my watercolouring this way I also had the control of where it went on my layout rather than leaving it to chance which is my normal result with mixed media products.

Some of us 'Colour Blasters' have the amazing Shimmer Cubes in their stash and until they run out I continue to use them on many of my projects to colour items.  For this layout I used the cube to colour some wood veneer pawprints from Corbett Creations and some letter to create Ellie's name.

And here are a couple of closeups of my finished layout.

Thanks for stopping by.
With Christmas coming in a couple of weeks how many presents are you making?

Until next time...

 Anita E