Friday, 21 September 2018

Hearts by Ros Madley


My page today started with an idea to try and experiment with alcohol and Colour Artist Inks. 
I want to start by saying that I didn't make "alcohol ink" as we already know it, but it definitely has a very close look to it when dry.

I also want to say that if you're going to play with Alcohol in your products, be in a ventilated area.  The odour is quite strong.

First I've added a small amount of alcohol (high percentage purchased from hardware store) to some little tubs.
I added a dropper full of each colour into each tub and gave them a little swirl.

Then I popped a small amount of alcohol blending solution on some strips of yupo and added the colours with some pipettes.  Today I used Citrus Colour Artist Ink, Lime Colour Artist Ink and Mermaid Colour Artist Ink.

I kept repeating this and adding spritzes of alcohol until I was happy with the result.  I also used a straw to blow this around the yupo. As the ink dries it changes shape and colour and is a more matte look on the yupo.

Again, make sure you are in a well ventilated area to do this.

I did try experimenting also, only using blending solution and no alcohol but found the ink didn't move as freely.  Also the darker colours way took over the lighter ones and had a lot longer drying time.

Once dried, I die cut these into hearts and glued them across a small strip of the yupo.  When this was dry I messy machine stitched across these.  I left the big one and the little row of heats off so that I could add them at the end with a little dimension.

For my background I used Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust.
This was mixed with a small amount of water on some plastic packaging and I smooched it down onto the paper a few times.
Each time I rub my fingers over the plastic, moving the colour where to where I want it.  
I was also able to manipulate where and how the colour looked with some heat drying.


Once dried (and drooled over cause look at that colour ♥) I've done a little random stamping.

My whole plan with the "alcohol ink" thing was to add foil to my little hearts.  The method I used in this post just didn't work as it normally does.  I found my mix of alcohol and Colour Artist Ink just wasn't as sticky as Alcohol Ink itself, so the foil just wouldn't stick to the ink.  It just wanted to wipe it off.

So to get around that, I have used a 'marble' type look stencil and smooched some sticky glue into it and adhered some gilding flakes.  Once stuck you just buff off the excess.

OMG.  I could not be happier with the way this looks on the Peacock ink.  Definitely added to my to do again list. 

The last thing I did was pick my photo.  Unless I have a specific pic I want to use, I tend to work backwards cause to me it's all about creating and memory making is the last thing I'm thinking of.

Lucky I had the perfect photo to go with.

I then just trimmed the edges and mounted on some black cardstock. 

Hope you've been inspired ♥

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Sweetiepie by Suzy Loudon

Hi everyone. Its been a while since I've played with my Shimmer Sprays, so I thought it was time to dust them off & this is what I came up with.

To begin my layout I started by spreading Snow White Colour Paste through a stencil. It's very hard to capture in a photo...sorry.

Next I unscrewed to tops off my Colour Shimmer Sprays. Using Blush, Singin the Blues, Rose Petal & Apple of my Eye I dabbed in my paint brushes & then splattered the shimmer around my page. I find tapping my paintbrush with my palette knife works best. 

While I had my Colour Shimmer Sprays out I sprayed some white flowers.

I watered down some Singin the Blues, Apple of my Eye & Blush Colour Paste.I mixed it to a smooth consistency then painted over a stamped tag image.

 I then painted some chipboard with Heavy White Gesso.

The border chipboard I embossed with Steel Colour  Embossing Powder. The title with Blush Colour  Embossing Powder. The flourishes I embossed with Apple of my Eye Colour  Embossing Powder (sorry...forgot to take a pic).

I painted this little chipboard heavily with Heavy White Gesso then sprinkled it with glitter.

I put all my elements together adding some paper butterflies, some cheesecloth & leaves. 

I then painted some shimmer onto my butterflies & the white flowers with my Clear Shimmer Marker.

And with that I was finished.
I've tried to capture the shimmer with the close ups but it's really hard. Hope these show some of the beauty of the shimmer sprays.

Thanks for looking.
xxx Suzy

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Hello Love Layout- Chrissi M

Hello Lovelies!!!!
Chrissi back with a new 12x12 layout using an awesome stencil designed by the lovely Michelle Grant and the awesome Colour Blast Colour Pastes. 

Using a pic of my niece and I, I've decided to let my girlie side out to play-with a house full of boys, its nice to do a girlie layout now and then, but of course, I ALWAYS have to have my mixed media in there.
I started with my background. I applied my Colour Blast Colour Spray in Bubblegum to some plastic and smooshed it onto my backround to start with. Realising I wanted a much more deeper colour, I then sprayed puddles of Colour Spray straight onto the paper, then dried it with my heat gun- I'm not a paitent artist.
Now it was time to play with my Michelle Grant Flight of Fancy Butterfly Stencil. I wanted this butterfly to be the main focus of my background. To do this, I used it twice side by side, to make a larger, full winged butterfly. It was really easy to achieve this. I applied my Colour Blast Colour Paste in Just Blue, through the stencil, then dried it. Then I flipped the stencil over, lined it up with the already stenciled image, masked off the areas I didn't want my paste to go, with washi tape, and applied the paste again. I just love how it worked out.
So then to cover up my smudging in the middle of my image, I decided to add some more Colour Blast Colour Spray in Bubblegum and Indigo to the middle of my butterfly. This worked for 2 things; it covered up my terrible stenciling lol, and also gave my butterfly some depth and colour variation. I have to admit, it was a great fix.
Now it was time to start putting my layout together. I decided to use some cheese cloth to mat my photo, but I wanted to colour it. So I used some more Indigo Colour Blast Colour Spray to dye it and add some more purple to my layout.
And this is where my layout stayed for about a month. I wasn't overly thrilled with it at the time, and I just couldn't figure out where I wanted to go with it.
I finally got the layout out again and decided to start working on it again. Whilst looking at it, I decided the background was too flat, so I wanted to add some more colour to it. I got out my new Violet Colour Blast Colour Spray and painted on the colour with a paint brush. I made sure to apply a light spray of water to my page first so the colour would blend and flow into the pink.
I was starting to feel happy with the layout after this, but I wanted to add something more to the background. So I got out a solid butterfly stencil I had and used some of my Rose Petal and Just Blue Colour Blast Colour Paste to add these to random areason my background. I love how this little detail really made the layout pop.

After adding a title using some thicker words, I called it done. I really wanted that big butterfly the be the main focal point of the page, and didn't want to over embellish and take away from that. I just really love how that butterfly turned out lol. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Life is Good by Michelle Henderson

Hi Crafty friends, I'm back again with a quick (ish!) layout for you.

First up, here's the finished page...

I decided on this page I wanted a pale pink background, so I mixed a couple of drops of Colour Artist Ink in Slipper - all you need because it's so highly pigmented -  with a spatula full of White Heavy Gesso.

Once I had mixed it in, I used my palette knife to roughly lay it down in the centre of my page.
 I tried to leave as much texture as I could, lumpy bumpy is good!

Once that was totally dry, I used a Kaisercraft stencil to lay on some more White Heavy Gesso, but this time I didn't colour it, but before it dried I sprinkled some Colour Embossing Powder in Blush and heated it.

Off to a good start, but I still didn't have enough depth so I got out my Colour Shimmer Powders in Passion and Cobalt. I sprinkled just a few tiny little bits of both colours here and there, then very lightly sprayed with water. The gesso resists the powder so it runs into the gaps. Love it! I also tilted the page to make it run even further.

Looking at this had me craving a boysenberry ice cream!!

While that was drying, I painted my chipboard title (it was already white) with a little Colour Shimmer Dust in Navy, using a water brush. I went over it towards one edge a little heavier.

When this was totally dry, I used an embossing ink dauber on the lower half of the words, and embossed it with Colour Embossing Powder in Bling.
It looks gorgeous once it's heated!

I was finished then so I put my layers together using a doily and a bit of punchinella as a base, and then Cocoa Vanilla's Bohemian Dream for all the rest of the layers and embellies. I also added some gold sequins, and finally I splattered a little White Heavy Gesso and Black Heavy Gesso.

Here are some close ups - including the title - 

Thanks for visiting, hope you're inspired to try something new!

Monday, 17 September 2018

Beach Walk by Charmane Koch creating background using Mica Powders

Hello Everyone! Hope you are having a great start to your week!
Today I wanted to share with you a layout I have created using Mica Powders to create a unique background.

Firstly I have smeared a rather thick layer over the top of my thick white cardstock using a old Gift Card, which was my main "tool" creating this page, as you will see!

I have then sprinkled Polar Colour Mica Powder randomly over the page using a metal spatula while the gesso is still wet. 

Using the old store card I have scraped backwards and forwards, creating a pretty cool background. Some parts have thick Gesso and colour smeared through, other areas are thinned out. It's all about experimenting & playing until you are happy with the look of it.

I have then mixed Cool Mint Colour Mica Powder together with Gesso, creating a more consistent colour this time. I have smeared this colour through a stencil, to create another layer to my background.

I added more water to the leftover Mica & Gesso mix so that I could soak it up using a piece of muslin & also DIY embellishments - soaking up the colour, so that I use every last bit of it and so that my layout would be matching perfectly.

While these pieces dried, I have then had a play with Envy Colour Embossing Powder. I found that using the Clear Shimmer Pen was perfect to use instead of the usual Embossing Stamping Ink I usually use...

I did gesso my chipboard piece so that the colour would be more vibrant beforehand.

I made sure I tipped PLENTY of Embossing powder over the top. I had folded the piece of paper in half beforehand, so that it is easy to tip the excess back into the pot.

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE Embossing... and I must play more! Here's a closeup...

I felt that the background needed a little more, and when I spotted the cloud stencil in my stash I had to add them to my page! I've used thick Gesso. 

Once everything has dried I've added my little extras to my page to finish it off... including using a felt-tip pen to add journalling, then doodling to my clouds and then outline around the edge of my page.

I really LOVE how this layout has so much texture & layers using the mix of Mica Powder and Gesso - and the two techniques have created different effects, which makes the page so much more detailed. 

Thanks for popping by and checking out what I have created today! I hope I've inspired you to get out your Mica Powders! 

XO Charm