Friday, 24 November 2017

Clean & Simple Cards and GIVEAWAY with Kasia

Hello again lovelies.. I'm here today with a set of clean & simple cards created with the Colour Artist Inks, Colour Embossing Powder & Uniquely Creative dies.

I heard on the grape vine a little while ago that the lovely Mel Struths had a thing for lightbulbs so was super excited when I got to turn my little lightbulb doodles into dies for Uniquely Creative. I had a million Colour Blast projects in mind when creating these dies and couldn't wait for them to be made. 

To celebrate the release of these dies, Uniquely Creative is giving away a set of the Lightbulb dies & the Scripty Sunshine die & a couple packs of Embellies too. For all the info how to enter read the info at the bottom of the email.

Now, lets get onto making some cards...   

For the backgrounds I cut down some watercolour paper to 5" x 7" and taped them down to a hardwood board with low tack masking tape. I wet down the paper with a wide brush and then dropped in little amounts of the Colour Artist Inks with a round paintbrush. 

I let each layer dry completely (you can speed up the process with a heat tool) and then wet down the surface again and dropped in more colour. 

For the greens & blues I used a combination of the Citrus, Lime, Grass, Mermaid & Oasis Colour Artist Inks. 

I did the same process here with three layers and while the last layer was still wet I sprinkled on some salt crystals and let them sit for a good few hours.. I wasn't patient enough to let them sit overnight, but if you are the effects would be a little more dramatic than on my background. 

For the above card I used a combination of the Spice, Sunburnt, Cider, Barley, Slipper & Berry Colour Artist Inks. 

I then die cut some lightbulbs, and sentiments from white cardstock and embossed them 3 times with the Bling & Stormy Weather Colour Embossing Powder, to get a lovely thick embossed effect. Don't forget to give your embossing powder a little shake before using it so that the embossing powder and sparkle mix well. 

I then created three 4.25" x 5.5" card bases, cut down a piece of glitter cardstock to 4" x 5.25" and die cut my coloured backgrounds with a cross stitch rectangle die and stacked these on top of one another to create the background for my cards. 

I then bundled up some silver and gold thread to layer under the sentiments and put together my cards. 

I also added a sprinkling of rhinestones and pearls around the sentiments to add a bit more texture and ground the sentiment a little more. 

This background was created in the same way but using the Spice, Cider & Citrus Colour Artist Inks.

To enter the giveaway all you need to do is 
* JOIN the Colour Blast Creative Corner Group on Facebook
and then go the the Colour Blast Facebook Page and 
*place a comment on the GIVEAWAY POST

The giveaway ends on the 1st of December 2017.
A winner will be randomly chosen from the comments.  

Hope you have enjoyed my process of these little cards, cause I sure had fun playing with these amazing inks again.



Thursday, 23 November 2017

"Believe in You" by Gwen Wruck

Hi Creative Friends,

By now you will all know I have quite the love affair with pink and mint so when I saw this pattern paper collection with the addition of Yellow, I knew it was time to pull out my Sunshine Colour Blast!  Oh, such a happy colour to document these sweet selfies of me and my little Miss.

As I mentioned above, this page was all about the colours first,  I really do love this combo of Colour Shimmer Cubes in SunshinePunchLipstick and Envy and they were the perfect match to the pattern papers I had in mind.  Aren't they pretty!!

For this page, I really wanted to work with some florals with the idea to have a large one as a centre feature on my page.  I wasn't completely sure where this idea would take me, so went about die cutting a stack in different sizes of florals and leaves all on white cardstock on my Silhouette.  Next, it was time to colour them.  I began with the packaging technique to get coverage as a first layer, and then went about adding more colour with splatters, tone on tone, and a paintbrush.  I've added these while the base of colour was still wet.  I did not want the splatters to sit on top of the background but bleed and blend in instead, this way, you get a pretty watercolour effect.

I used Envy for the leaves and simply painted that on with a paintbrush.  For the florals, I've used a combination of Lipstick and Punch.  I was careful to make the colour uneven, I wanted a water-colour look, not perfect coverage.  I've also darkened sections of the floral for interest, by adding extra colour with a paintbrush.

Next, it was time to work on my background.  Once I had sorted out a basic plan for the design of the page, I knew where my large floral piece would be placed.  From there, I went about very lightly drawing around it with a pencil.  Next, I took my paintbrush and loosely painted over my pencil marks, working along the outer edge.  Again, I wasn't after a perfect shape just a soft whimsy outline.  It certainly does not have to be perfect and in fact, I think it looks better when it's not!

Now was the time for adding splatters.  Lots of them, one colour at a time allowing each to dry in between to avoid them blending into each other.  I just kept on splattering with my paintbrush until I was happy with the coverage.

Below you can see how all the colours look together.  I just love the pop of the yellow in the Sunshine.

Now all of the mixed media elements were ready, it was time to assemble my page.  First, I locked in the position of my paper layers, my photos and the large flower.  I placed it so that you could see the edge of the drawn flower on my background poking through, it's subtle, but I love it. 

I then went about adding the other floral and leaf pieces to create clusters.  I was sure not to stick the entire piece down, I love how the edges are a little curled up from the mixed media.  It adds such a pretty element to your page.

Here you can see the pretty splatters sticking out from the edges of all my layers.  They really do soften everything so nicely.

I give this project a "mess level" of Low
A paintbrush and some packaging and you are good to go!  The pots of Shimmer keep all your colour contained and adding your mixed media to die cut pieces makes for a clean feel to your design.

Thanks for popping by today, I hope this page inspires you to paint yourself some pretty die cut florals, I really had fun doing this!


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

"Shine Bright" by Sue Plumb

Hi everyone!
Sue Plumb here today and it's time to share another design team project with you. This layout features a fun Snap Chat photo of one of my sons and I. (Not hubby's favourite because he thinks he looks like a girl, but my boy doesn't care - he thinks he looks beautiful and I agree!) I used Colour Shimmer Cubes, Colour Paste and Colour Spray on this page.

To create my page I started with white cardstock and the Colour Shimmer Cubes in my chosen colours - Rose Petal and Lovely Lilac. I gave each of the cubes a spray of water to moisten them, then left them sit for a couple of minutes. Once the cubes were ready to use; I applied a light spray of water to my page, before adding some of the Rose Petal with a wet brush; and then began randomly moving the colour around. Each time I added more colour, I also added extra water to help move it around the page.

I then repeated the process with the Lovely Lilac, blending the two colours together in some areas as I went. I also splattered the excess colour from my brush around my page before drying it.

Once my page was dry, I applied some Singin' the Blues Colour Paste using a palette knife; which I smeared randomly around my page. This provided both contrast and texture to my page.

Whilst the Colour Paste was drying, I began assembling the remainder of my layout. I gathered up some paper scraps from the Cocoa Vanilla Studio 'Bohemian Dream' collection and layered them together, securing them with a few small staples. This formed my photo mat. 

I adhered my photo mat to my page, and then added some stamping using Cocoa Vanilla Studio stamps and blue and navy inks. I then added my embellishments (also from the 'Bohemian Dream' collection) and my photo.

Once everything was in place,I decided my page need some additional dark contrast, so I added a few splatters of Indigo Colour Spray by removing the nozzle from the bottle and flicking it around.

After that, it was simply a matter of adding the date and my journaling and my page was complete. 

You can see how the tones of the Colour Shimmer Cubes have overlapped and blended together on the page - so pretty! (And a perfect match for this collection!)

Look how the light reflects to show the beautiful shimmer from both the Colour Paste and the Colour Shimmer Cubes. Such a gorgeous combination of colours!

Thanks for stopping by today so I could share this with you. I will be back again in a couple of weeks with another project. Until then, I hope you are inspired to pull out those Colour Shimmer Cubes, a brush and some water; and create some unique backgrounds.
Happy crafting! 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

"Learn" A mixed media scrapbook layout + process video by Louise

Hi Crafters

My share today is a mixed media piece I've titled "Learn"

This page features the most fabulous Colour Shimmer Dusts in

Here's how I put this page together.

Starting with my palette which contains dry and labelled shimmer dusts.
When I'm ready to use, I just reactivate with water.
Paper & photo also ready.

I've used the Black Heavy Gesso and smudged a border around my photo and set aside to dry.

I've had this 6x6 Prima resist paper pad in my stash for a while - inspiration finally struck.

I've chosen three different patterns and I'm going to treat them with the shimmer dust.

First is Velvet.

I've sprayed the paper with water and then painted sections with the velvet shimmer dust.
Using the heat gun, I've dried the velvet.

Then repeat the process with the Navy shimmer dust and water.

When using the water the Velvet will reactivate and blend with the Navy.
Oh so pretty - I wish you could see the vibrancy in real life - it's amazing!

For the other two sheets I've simply painted one fully with Velvet and then the letters partially with the Velvet/Navy combination - using the dripping technique to allow the colour to run down the page.

The middle resist is my favourite so if you'd like to replicate, I'd recommend checking out the process video below.

I allowed the 6x6 papers to dry overnight, then began putting my layout together.

I've cropped some of the 6x6 papers and mounted the photo.

The background needed a little colour.

So I've given the papers a coat of clear gesso.
Then sprinkled around more of the Navy & Velvet Shimmer dust.
(Truthfully, this was to cover up some of the Navy that got mixed with my clear gesso and spread around the page!)

Lightly spray with water to allow the colour to spread.

I then mixed some White Heavy Gesso with water and splattered that around the page.

Don't be afraid to make the splatters quite thick - it adds to the background.

Once dry, some background stamping with butterflies and clocks.

I've added some Colour Paste Snow White through a stencil.

When the background is dry (I like to leave it overnight), I added the paper layers and embellishments.

I've used flowers, navy ribbon and some clock die-cuts to embellish.

How amazing is the colour combination of Navy & Velvet???? Love, Love, Love!

Here is the process video if you'd like to see more of this page.

I adore this colour combination and I recommend getting your hands on some Shimmer Dusts - so much fun.

Thanks for visiting.
Happy Scrapping

Monday, 20 November 2017

"Experience" by Malinda Gardner

Hi, Mal here with a share of a page I did last week.

Do you ever scrap a page and whilst you're enjoying creating it you just feel like you can't finish it, like something is missing and no matter what you do it still feels like that...eventually you have to walk away and do no more??? Well that was this page.

Does it look finished? What do you think?

So I started with my background of course...I used some paper from the latest 7 Dots Studio range which is such a great range because you really don't have to do much, the background is basically done for you.

I then added some swipes of Colour Paste in Deep Water and then some more swipes in Stormy Weather.

I love how the paste bubbles when it's dried. I know you're not supposed to do that but I'm not much of a stick to the rules girl.

I wanted to add some circles to my page so started with some circles stamped with Oasis Colour Artist Ink painted around the lid. 

The circles when dry lost a bit of their intensity so next I used an old toilet roll painted with more of the ink, first in Oasis Colour Artist Ink to go over the circles. That was better.

I added some sprays of the Colour Shimmer Spray in Sunshine. The spray and the ink mixed a little but I like it.

 I also stamped with Colour Artist Ink in Soot. I used this for  some drops later on with this's my new fave go to colour for drops; it has a dullness that looks great when you don't want the drops to stand out too much.

Background done so it's time to add a few embellishments, matt my photo, a small title and a bit of journalling.

I think I'm finished...what do you think?