Thursday, 26 April 2018

"Dance Off" by Sue Plumb

Hi everyone!
Sue Plumb here to share my latest Colour Blast design team project with you. Today I have a mixed media scrapbook page featuring Colour Shimmer Dust, Colour Paste and Colour Artist Ink. I documented some fun snaps of my boys in a "dance off" at a party one night. To go with the theme of my photos, I gave my page a grungy urban style.

I started my page by mixing up some 'Duke' Colour Shimmer Dust with a little water; then brushed it across my cardstock using a wide brush. I then took a small brush and used it to splatter some of the excess around the page before drying it off with a heat gun.

I then added some 'Stormy Weather' Colour Paste roughly (so that it showed some "chunky" texture) through a brick stencil. I applied the paste to three areas of my page (as I tend to follow the visual triangle rule of design); before drying it off.

Whilst the paste was drying, I used some Uniquely Creative metal dies to cut 3 lightbulb shapes from cardstock. I then used 'Cranberry' Colour Artist Ink and a thin brush to colour them (I gave them 2 coats for extra vibrancy); before using he excess ink on the brush to add a few splatters around the page.

I then began constructing my page. I created a small mat for my photo strip using some music paper; a felt heart doily; and some frayed gauze; before mounting my photos on top. (I chose a photo strip collage for my pics as they had been taken late at night on my phone and were not the best quality.)

I added two of the lightbulb shapes alongside my photo strip.

I then added the third lightbulb above my photos, along with a handmade arrow embellishment from Charms Creations.

For my page title, I used some Jillibean Soup alpha stickers, which I outlined with a felt pen to help them stand out more from the background. I also added some stamped phrases around my page using some stamps from Uniquely Creative.

To finish off my layout, I added my handwritten journalling; stamped the date; and scattered some sequins around my page.

That's all from me today, thanks for stopping by so I could share this with you. I hope I have inspired you to get stuck into your Colour Blast products - perhaps pick up something you haven't used in a while, or try that new one you bought but haven't used yet? Whatever you do, have fun!
Until next time, happy scrapping! 

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Art Journal page "Just Live" by Louise + process video

Hi Colour Blast fans

I'm not sharing a scrapbook page!
I'm sharing an Art Journal page.

"Just Live"

I'm very green when it comes to art journalling, however ...
I've discovered it's very fun to create without the pressure of coordinating a photo and a memory.
I love the creative outlet.

So if your new to art journalling or have never tried it before ...
Give it a go, check out a class, watch a YouTube video or just create.

For this creation I have used:

Colour Paste Singing the Blues
Colour Paste Royalty
Colour embossing powder Bling


I'm using a Strathmore soft cover journal and have not prepped my page.

Using a spatula, spread the Colour Paste Singing the Blues in stripes onto the page.

Allow to dry naturally then repeat with Colour Paste Royalty

I use a scrap piece of paper to protect my opposite journal page.
Choose your stencil and attach it with washi tape.
Sponge the Black heavy gesso across the paste.

Peel back the stencil and clean it straight away - sometimes the gesso stains the stencil.

Once dry, water down some of the White heavy gesso and using a fan brush, add some splatters to the page.
Also, brush the watered down gesso around the page to create a frame.

I've created a simple title, by cutting it with the Silhouette Cameo and layering the same cut various times.
I then added two coats of Colour embossing powder Bling.

I really like the pop of colour behind the black gesso.
This was fun and easy to create with quite a striking result - especially when flicking through the pages of my art journal.


You can see the whole process in the video below.

Thanks for visiting.
Happy Crafting

Sunday, 22 April 2018

"Memo" by Melissa Struhs

Good Morning all! I have spent quite some time on the last day of my holidays looking through all of my stamps, searching for a variety of images that will be perfect for colouring with on watercolour paper. Sometimes the more detailed style of stamp, the better the effect. Without a doubt, my favourites are anything that uses faces. 

I began by stamping with Black Staz on ink onto a watercolour paper with a linen texture

and then a vine and leaf pattern onto scraps of Kraft Cardstock. Some of the foliage edges were fussy cut as I wanted these to unfurl from behind this image when I was done. It was a little forward planning that  I knew I could tinker with while I allowed my Colour Blast elements to dry later on.

Often, a small scrap of watercolour paper is a place to experiment with your colour choices. I love to make little swatches that I can label, set aside and refer to when I am teaching or if I would like to turn my layout into a double instead. For such tiny detail, I like to fill a fine tipped water brush and then just dip it straight into the pots of Colour Artist Inks.

The next few photo's show the colours that I have used as I start the layers...
The leaves were hand painted with Grass,

Lime was flicked across to add patches of colour on the next layer on the leaves,

Cranberry was added to random circles and berries and 

so too was Slipper. The variations on colours will add the light and dark shades that you are looking for.

The hand painting does take time, but I love to settle in with my favourite music or TV show playing and I can get lost for hours. You may have noticed that I stamped two of these images and this is because I like to fussy cut some elements and raise them with foam tape. I really wanted to make her hair and some of the floral features stand out.

To create a minimal style border at the top and bottom of the left corner, I laid a stencil in place and adhered it with a strip of washi tape and 

Lipstick was applied to highlight the distressed corner with a thick layer.

Because I added some gold zentangle tags, a small splash of Bling Colour Shimmer Cube or Shimmer Spray was added to that area as well.

My style of scrapbooking is beginning to evolve again into something that resembles a less is more approach these days with lots of White and Kraft cardstock featuring heavily. 

The Colour Blast products really have that gorgeous burst of intensity that looks amazing on neutral colours. Be sure to check out the entire range of colours and products at

Till next time and happy crafting,

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Us with Melinda Sweetman

Hey Colour Blasters and welcome to the blog today! I have a pretty share for you today - something somewhat different for me but today I am scrapping an older photo of me and one of my besties so went pretty!! Here's a little sneaky peek ;)

And, of course, there is a process video on the Colour Blast YT channel which you can see here! I hope you enjoy!

I have used this month's challenge as inspiration and if you have not yet seen it here it is!

And here are my step-by-steps!

A quick, light coat of White Heavy Gesso across my whole 12x12 white cardstock background. By the time I had cleaned up my spatula and work surface the gesso was dry!

I have 2 tubs of white gesso on the go at once - one is thicker than the other. To get your gesso to thicken up just leave it with the lid off while you create your next page and keep doing that until you get the desired consistency! However, I digress, I used my thicker White Heavy Gesso to apply through a stencil on my background. I taped off the parts of the stencil I didn't want the gesso to go through. This I left to dry overnight - I didn't want it to bubble and have the really textured, grungy look.

The next day I used a pipette to add some Colour Shimmer Spray's to a palette to make easy water colouring. I have used Punch, Sunshine and Tangereen Dream (to fit in with this months challenge).

I then added the colour randomly to my dried stencilling in patches, letting the colours blend a little together so I didn't get any harsh lines. I did dry after each colour to prevent the colours from completely blending together and really like the pretty background I have managed to create. I, of course, also added splatters in the same colours but keeping them pretty close in and small.

When that was all dry it was time to add all my layers and photo. I have primarily used the Vicki Boutin All The Good Things range because I knew there were birds in the ephemera pack and I love all the colours!

After my camera was turned off I added a few extra pieces including the torn edge on the left hand side and some black and white phrases. 

With those pops of black I also watered down a little Black Heavy Gesso and added some little splatters with a paint brush and 3 big splatters on the vertical where most of my design is. It's not very common for me to not have anything to say on my pages but for this one I felt those word/phrase stickers were enough and said what I wanted to say so I'm calling it done!

And a last couple of close up's - my little birdies!!

And my final page

You have until the end of the month to get your challenge entries in so head over here for the album and have a look around the group for lots of inspiration from the other girls on the DT but also from all of the other Colour Blast fans in the group!

Until next time, happy scrapping!